Dr. Louise Fryer (BA, MSc, PhD), UK

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Dr. Louise Fryer has been an audio describer at the National Theatre since it first offered the service in 1993. Louise worked for the BBC, launching a pilot Audio Description Service, as part of the Audetel project. She has described films and videos and most recently was the accessibility advisor for the BAFTA-nominated film Notes on Blindness (2016). She has written and voiced audio guides for many museums and galleries including the British Museum, The Natural History Museum, and Hampton Court. She has also run live audio descriptive tours for Tate Britain. She regularly works for VocalEyes, who describe productions all over the UK.

She is an trainer in audio description (accredited by the UK Audio Description Association) and advises curators on ways to make collections more accessible to blind and partially sighted visitors. She has trained curators and gallery assistants most recently at the Handel Hendrix Museum in London, the Museum of London (Docklands) and the Science Gallery in Dublin. She has run courses for theatre and screen describers in the UK and Australia. She is a teaching fellow at University College, London (UCL) and is part of the EU-funded research project ADLAB-PRO. She is the author of “An Introduction to Audio Description: A Practical Guide” (2016). She has published numerous academic papers on audio description