About AuDeAHK

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The Audio Description Association (Hong Kong) [aka. AuDeAHK], established in 2015, is the first and currently the only professional organisation with its academic research background and practical experience in Hong Kong and Mainland China that provides comprehensive audio description (AD) training and services. AuDeAHK is dedicated to raising the standard and profile of AD in Hong Kong and in other Chinese communities; offering professional programmes to train audio describers; improving information accessibility and fostering social inclusion. AuDeAHK offers a wide array of AD services, AD training workshops, public education sessions and AD consultations. Our services include: films, TV programmes, performances, exhibitions and visits etc.


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Our vision is to make information accessible for the blind and partially sighted.


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AuDeAHK is dedicated to raising the standard and profile of audio description (AD) in Hong Kong, and improving the lives of visually impaired people through the provision of quality AD services and through increasing participation in cultural activities.


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Inclusion 。 Accessibility 。 Equality

We see the same world


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1)Improve information accessibility through quality AD services in various aspects for the visually impaired

2)Provide AD services for a wide array of cultural activities

3)Train audio describers

4)Educate the public and raise their awareness of the needs of the visually impaired and AD

5)Strengthen the dialogue between the visually impaired and the sighted

6)Work in partnership with organisations and schools that support blind and partially sighted people