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The Audio Description Association (Hong Kong) [aka. AuDeAHK], established in 2015, is the first and currently the only professional organisation with its academic research background and practical experience in Hong Kong and Mainland China that provides comprehensive audio description (AD) training and services. AuDeAHK is dedicated to raising the standard and profile of AD in Hong Kong and in other Chinese communities; offering professional programmes to train audio describers.

AuDeAHK offers a wide range of professional training courses and develops training guidelines based on research data in audio description to nurture more audio describers to provide diverse services. It also provides audio description training courses for different organisations and institutions, with course designs tailored for our clients. In addition, the courses can also include practicum components for trainees to experience on-site audio description services for the visually impaired.

Below are some examples of training in different categories for reference:

1) Introduction to Audio Description

2) Screen Audio Description (Film & TV)

3) Audio Description Training Workshop for Guided Tours

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Professional Certificate Course: Audio Description Guide Training Course (Basic)
is now open for enrollment!

In recent years, audio description (AD) services have become increasingly diverse. Our organisation combines social innovation with other professions to create different types of professional AD services, such as outdoor activities, sports, and cultural arts. We are now launching the first-ever “Audio Description Guide Training Course” in Hong Kong. This course is developed based on research in AD and aims to cultivate more audio describers. By applying AD to museums and outdoor activity tours, we strive to enable more people to enjoy the wonders of nature and artistic activities through concise and vivid professional descriptions, integrating AD into everyday life.

The “Professional Certificate Course: Audio Description Guide Training Course (Basic) is personally designed and taught by Dr. Dawning Leung, Founder of the Audio Description Association (Hong Kong). Dr. Leung holds a PhD in Audio Description from University College London, UK and has extensive practical experience in audio description. Her doctoral thesis was one of the earliest audio description research in Chinese worldwide. Recently, she has produced the audio description soundtrack for the first Asian science fiction action film “Warriors of Future” on Netflix.

The course covers various topics including “Basic Audio Description Techniques”, “Professional Ethics for Audio Describers” and “Interactive exercises and tutor demonstrations”, etc. It is particularly suitable for those with experience in museums, communities, or ecological guiding.

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